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"The Advent of Privacy Engineering" by Debra Farber of BigID

Location: 19th Floor

With privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA and NYDFS proliferating globally and putting unforgiving mandates on data privacy and governance processes, it’s critical that organizations hire talented individuals who can facilitate the technical implementation of privacy and data protection by design and default into products and services. Welcome to the advent of Privacy Engineering.

In this session, Debra Farber, senior director of privacy strategy at BigID, will explore how the field of privacy has traditionally been populated by lawyers and consultants who implement policies, handle contractual risk to data, and manage privacy risk in business processes. But in order to gain and maintain consumer trust, organizations are increasingly turning toward privacy engineers. Debra will offer actionable insight into how privacy engineers can help organizations better adopt privacy-by-design (PbD) principles; answer hard questions around whose data they have, where that data exists and who has access to it; understand critical privacy regulations and policies; and protect personal data. Debra offers that by making the right privacy engineering hires, organizations become more effective in investing in the right enterprise infrastructure, and privacy and data protection solutions – in turn, creating a culture that puts privacy first.