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"A Smart Home is No Castle: Security and Privacy Challenges for the Smart Home" by Nick Feamster of Princeton University

Location: 18th Floor

As consumers continue to connect smart devices in their homes, the security of these devices and the data that they collect about consumers are receiving increased attention. From a security perspective, devices that consumers connect to their smart homes are often insecure and may participate in attacks both on other devices within the home as well as on services across the broader Internet. From a privacy perspective, many of the devices that users purchase collect data about their usage patterns - often without their knowledge. 

 In this talk, I will highlight the security and privacy challenges for the smart home with demonstrations of both attacks against smart home devices and visualizations of the types of data that smart-home devices collect about consumers. I will also describe possible paths forward, for both consumers and ISPs, showing how consumer-facing tools that run on both user devices and on the CPE can provide users with better visibility into smart home device activity.