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"Choreograph best customer outcomes with AI, ML, and the CX Matrix" by Michael Hoffman (CXC)

Artificial intelligence and machine learning enable companies to move “at the speed of customer” to address individual customer needs, sculpt personalized service, and transform experiences.

After hands-on work re-engineering customer processes with  teams of modelers and developers to craft industry changing customer experiences at over 100 Fortune 500 companies and tens of mid-size and start-up companies, Michael Hoffman compiled the successful best practices and wrote Customer Worthy, Why and How Everyone One in Your Organization Must Think Like a Customer! This text presents a method for every company to depict each customer-to-company interaction in the customer’s context.

During this session, Michael will discuss

  • How to visualize, monetize, analyze, prioritize, optimize customer interactions across the customer lifecycle

  • Practical applications designed to enhance employee performance in every interaction

  • Real life learnings: Utopia versus Business Reality

  • What’s next: virtual reality, enhanced reality, internet of everything, autonomous experience and digital twins