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"The Story of an Open Source Network Protocol" by Olivier Crête of Collabora

Creating a new Open Source project is always a challenge, but it's doubly challenging when the project targets an industry where proprietary software and methodologies are still seen as the norm. Taking code written as closed source and building a community around it is never easy, but it's even more difficult when none of the development team has participated in Open Source projects before. Such is the story of SRT (Secure Reliable Transport), a protocol with an Open Source implementation that has taken the television contribution environment by storm. I will tell you the story of how we helped Haivision take its internally developed SRT library and protocol and helped make it the main player in low latency transport of video.

During my talk, I'll explain the kind of things that we had to take care of when creating a new Open Source project. Starting with an evaluation of existing software, are we pointlessly re-inventing the wheel? Followed by a solid plan for a community, with an appropriate choice of license, a governance model, a communication and collaboration infrastructure. And last, but not least, a solid commitment from the main sponsor.