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"Open Source, Autodesk & The Academy: Building Better Visual Effects Together" by Guy Martin of Autodesk, Inc.

Due to an increased reliance on open source software in the visual effects industry, Autodesk has worked hard to improve its ability to consume, collaborate and create within the open source ecosystem to help customers build great movies. Its Open@ADSK program takes the best practices of the open source community and applies them to internal product development in support of a more open and collaborative development model.

Autodesk, like almost all companies, utilizes a lot of open source software, but is still ramping up efforts to more effectively participate and contribute back to the projects. Part of this work revolves around our work in the Academy Software Foundation (ASWF), which we played a leading role in helping create. This session will cover some of the things we've learned through our participation in ASWF (and other open source projects), as well as, talk about what we hope to accomplish in the future by working together with the rest of the open source community.