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"Innovation4All, Why Diversity in Open Source Will Lead to Better Products for Everyone" by Quincy Iheme of Comcast

Open Source technologies have paved the way for an explosion of advancements in products. The core component of open source that drives its growth is the (free) contributions from many developers to many different projects across the world. However, contributions to open source remain one of the unconventional and non-diverse areas of the technology industry.

A recent Github survey of over 5,500 open source users and developers from around the world shows that only 16 percent of respondents belonged to ethnic or national groups that are in the minority in the country they live in. Ninety-five percent of respondents were male, three percent were female, and the remaining respondents identified as non-binary. In the US, minority groups that including Black, Asian, and Latino programmers comprise only 34 percent of total programmers according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In this talk, I will outline the gap in open source contributions and speak to how closing the gap can help to create better software for everyone.