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"Observability Made Easy" by Christina Yakomin of Vanguard

Location: 18DEF

Vanguard’s Chaos and Resilience Engineering team is helping the organization’s developers instrument their applications for observability by developing a central Lambda function to generate synthetic traffic, and template alerts and dashboards to make observability easy!

Everyone in tech is getting excited about adopting SRE practices, but before jumping into something like chaos engineering, it’s important to instrument systems for observability first. At Vanguard, we have developed a central AWS Lambda function that application teams can utilize to send synthetic traffic to their applications, with minimal effort. The function generates results in a standardized log format that allows teams to clone dashboards and alerts from pre-built templates, based on customizable Service Level Objectives, so they can check the observability box quickly and focus on continuing to deliver new features. In this session, I’ll cover why we decided to build vs. buy when so many products offer this functionality (spoiler alert: it was more than just cost!), how we implemented the solution technically, and all of the benefits we have observed so far.